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Vision Keepers Tutorial and Training Center

Door 1 LaRous Inn Bldg., 467 Gen.Luna St., Davao City

Telefax: +63 (82) 228-6803

Cellphone: (0922) 382-0687



Anthony S. Calaycay is the founder, owner and Training Director of Vision Keepers Tutorial and Training Center.

He is a leader, manager and motivational speaker with a valuable message. He has combined his talents as a Company President, successful counselor and educator to become an exciting, inspirational leader, influencer and manager.

Mr. Calaycay is an expert in conceptualizing, developing and delivering a variety of interventions including training, focus group facilitation, team building, mediation, counseling, and facilitation of meetings and problem-solving sessions. He is an outstanding speaker noted for his spontaneity and grounding in reality. He is an expert in training and mentoring community leaders, of which he gives series of talks and teachings, as well as retreats and recollections. He started his training career several years back in facilitating community leaders and families to create partnerships and managing differences. As a seminar leader, his topics include but are not limited to Organizational Management, Corporate Values, elf-Esteem, Motivation, Time Management, Stress Management, Community Organizing, Family Life and Communication Skills.

Mr. Calaycay provides seminars and workshops in the Davao City training center. He was a part-time Professor in the Higher Education (College) Department of the Centre for International Education (CIE), which is an associate partner institution of the University of Cambridge (London). He was also a member of the Project Management Team of Global Professional and Continuing Education (Global PACE), the training arm of CIE. He was the founder and President of the Shepherds Voice Visayas Foundation Inc. and was also the former President of Shepherds Voice Publications (Manila), the publisher of the most widely circulated Catholic magazine in the country, the Kerygma Magazine. In addition, Mr. Calaycay became the Editor-in-Chief of Kerygma Magazine in 1991.

Mr. Calaycay was a recipient of a national award in 1998. Awarded as the 1998 Young Professional Awardee for Socio-Civic/Religious Sector by Philippine First Lady Dra. Loi Ejercito at the Malacaņang Palace, he had consistently proven his worth in community leadership and developing competencies of both the private and public sectors.

He is a candidate for a degree in Master of Arts in Theology, Seminario Mayor de San Carlos. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science major in Biology from the University of Sto. Tomas and gained units in Bachelor of Science in Medicine in 1987 from the same university.


President / Owner / Training Director. Vision Keepers Tutorial and Training Center (Cebu). February 2004 to present

Project Manager / Training Officer / College Professor. Centre for International Education (Cebu). February 2002 to December 2003

President and Founder. Shepherds Voice Visayas Foundation Inc. (Cebu). February 2000 to July 2003.

Regional Head (Visayas). Light of Jesus Community Foundation Inc September 1998 to November 2002.

Board Member / Regional Director. Shepherds Voice Publications Inc. (Cebu Regional Office). September 1998 to December 2001.

Consultant. Jomar Powerhouse Marketing, Inc.(Cebu) March 1999 to November 1999.

President (1992-98) / Editor-in-Chief (1991) / Writer. Shepherds Voice Publications Inc. (Manila) June 1991 to August 1998.

Administrator. Discipleship Communities For Christ (Manila). 1991 to 1994

Professional Services Representative. Westmont Pharmaceuticals (A Division of United Laboratories Inc. Mandaluyong City) December 1987 to May 1991

Consistent Winner in monthly Product Olympics.

Best Product Detailing Awards - new products launches.

1988 Over-all National Best Detailer-PSR Level

Product Olympics Champion for Metro Manila for 1989.

Awarded as the 1998 Young Professional Award for Socio-Civic/Religious Sector. The First Lady of the Republic of the Philippines, Dra. Eloisa Ejercito, conferred this award at the Presidential Residence, Malacaņang Palace, Manila, on 30 December 1998 during the Rizal Day Celebration organized by the National Rizal Day Celebration Committee and the Young Professional Awards Committee.

Awarded as the Most Outstanding Supervisor, Centre for International Education, March 2003.


MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION COURSE, (First term, 2003) International School for Medical Transcription, Cebu City, Philippines.

MASTER OF ARTS IN THEOLOGY (Currently enrolled), Seminario Mayor de San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines.

POST-GRADUATE COURSE IN MEDICINE PROPER (1984-1987), University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. (Units only)

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE MAJOR IN BIOLOGY (1980-1984), University of Santo Tomas.

SECONDARY / High School (1976-1980), Notre Dame de Manila, Caloocan City, Metro Manila.

PRIMARY / Elementary School (1969-1976), St. Gabriel Academy, Caloocan City, Metro Manila.


1.EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS SEMINAR for M.Lhuillier Philippines. 2004 to present

2.BASIC MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING for Hi-Precision Diagnostics. November 2004

3.CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING for Hi-Precision Diagnostics. 2004 to present

4.INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM (IELTS) WORKSHOP for the University of Cebu College of Nursing Clinical Instructors. 2004

5.IELTS WORKSHOP (St. Louis Review Center - Iligan City and Nurse Specialist – Davao City) monthly since March 2004 to present

6.IELTS WORKSHOP for the Nurses and Applying Immigrants in Cebu, Bohol, Bacolod, and Butuan. 2003 to present

7.TEACHERS RETREAT for The Centre for International Education (CIE) and the Child Development Center Cebu (CDCC). 2005

8.M.LHUILLIER C.A.R.E. TRAINING (7 batches). 2003

9.SUPERVISORY SKILLS TRAINING for Jollibee Shift Managers. 2003

10.GUNG HO! SEMINAR for the Cebu-Pacific International Language Services (CPILS) 2003

11.GUNG HO! SEMINAR for the Centre for International Education (CIE), Managers/Teaching/Non-teaching Staff (8 batches). 2002-2003

12.POWER PRINCIPLE SEMINAR for combined CIE and Child Development Center Cebu (CDCC) Teaching Personnel. 2003

13.PARENTING 101 for CIE Parents. 2003

For the Light of Jesus Community (Cebu and Visayas). 1998-2001

14.The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

15.Simple Ways To Effective Financial Management

16.Living In The Light Seminar / Growing In The Light Seminar / Serving In The Light Seminar

17.Growing In Christian Character

18.Christian Sexuality Course For Couples And Singles

19.Successful Inter-Personal Relationships

20.Achieve Success In Handling Emotions

21.Marriage Deepening Retreats


Vision Keepers Tutorial and Training Center
Door 1 LaRous Inn Bldg., 467 Gen.Luna St., Davao City
Telefax: +63 (82) 228-6803
Cellphone: (0922) 382-0687
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